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Tax Center

Because tax season only comes once a year, it’s easy to forget exactly what you need to have in place in order to file successfully. We hope the tools below are a helpful resource for you when preparing the paperwork necessary for your return, whether business or personal, or whether you file yourself or our office assists in the process.

Common Mistakes

The official U.S. Tax Code numbers more than 70,000 pages and grows thicker by the year. The simplest error can endanger your likelihood of receiving the correct return, or any return at all. Click the link to find out what mistakes you are more likely to make when filing your own taxes.

Tax Calendar

Use this handy calendar as a timeline to help keep you on track in the new year. This is especially useful for business owners, who often have more deadlines than those filing personal returns.

Tax Figures

Click this link to view this year’s current figures including the tax bracket breakdown, deduction/exemption amounts, and retirement account contribution limits.

Tax Forms Library

Use this comprehensive library to search for the forms you’ll need if you plan to file yourself. Our office is available to assist with filing your return.

Tax Organizer

Our Tax Organizer is designed to help you maximize your deduction and minimize your problems in preparing and filing your tax return. The organizer is comprised of seven parts, each developed to assist clients in collecting relevant tax information needed to properly prepare your tax return.

Tax Publications

The IRS publishes information on tax-related topics; these are available for use as reference material year round.